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Humanising the Digital.

Client. citizenM.

Following the success of the hotel soundtrack program we were tasked with integrating sound into the hotel experience to provide an engaging, unique and superior brand experience.. We analysed the typical customer journey within the hotel and discovered a high volume of non-standard digital interactions. E.g. self check in / out, tablet based room control, elevator experience.

Humanising the Digital.

Using a range of sound design techniques we created a ‘custom instrument’. A synthesizer with a specific tonal center, ensuring that every digital action was complemented by an immediately recognisable citizenM sound.

  • Check In
  • Check Out
  • Elevator Functionality
  • In-Room Controls (lighting & TV)
  • Mood Selection
  • iMac Log in
  • Bedtime Stories

The Science.

By linking an action or interaction to a specific sound repetitively is an extremely effective tool to create brand specific memories. Memories that live beyond the physical experience and improve recall by over 1000%. It’s the same philosophy as a common ‘jingle’ but subconscious and non-intrusive.

Guests might not necessarily be able to put their finger on its influence in realtime but the consistent approach forms an integral layer to the overall citizenM experience.

“We’ve been impressed by Soundscape’s ability to truly understand the essence of our brand. I mean - who has their own instrument?!”
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