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The Ultimate Soundtrack.

Client. citizenM.

In-line with the sonic identity guidelines we curated a bespoke music concept for each hotel. We crafted a global selection of core citizenM tracks which were then weaved with music localised to each city. This created a consistent and familiar citizenM sound for regular travellers but with a pinch of individuality depending on location. E.g. Shoreditch vs Paris. Our aim was to move music into the foreground of customer experience.

The Ultimate Soundtrack.


We studied hotel trading patterns and demographic mix for each individual hotel. We tailored the concept to each location - specific day of the week, time of day and audience in the hotel at any given time. Our in house curation team updates the concept on a monthly basis - keeping the content fresh and relevant.


Our H200 delivery system created a fresh music experience each day by analysing the music content it played the previous day and only queued unplayed tracks. Staff and long-stay guests are constantly exposed to a new set of music.


In our ‘discovery’ research we discovered the varied operational patterns of a hotel and how predicting atmosphere on a daily basis was hit and miss. In order to provide enough flexibility for each hotel we created a number of bespoke moods and an option to bypass the default schedule and dial in a more energetic or relaxed playlist depending on the environment. This extended beyond daily operations to curating mixes for special events / moments: e.g NYE & hotel events.


Increased dwell time and brand exposure in public hotel spaces, leading to heightened consumption in bars and restaurants, and correlating with return bookings.
Hotel MD’s noticed a considerable uptake in staff motivation due to the lack of repetition.

Marketing & SM managers saw a high level of organic engagement with guests posting about music they enjoyed during their stay or requests to discover where they might access more. It has since become one of the most commented requests on TripAdvisor reports.

“It appears our staff have embraced the citizenM music selection as THEIR soundtrack. Often singing, dancing or putting a smile on our faces - it has become a key motivational tool!”
Matthew BellDirector of Operations.





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