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Music as the Energiser.

Client. Naturalicious.

We started with quantifying what makes a certain piece of music chime so strongly with consumers. We sought songs that not only reflected the healthy direction the brand was taking, but embodied the youthful and playful nature of its target audience. We mapped audiences, understood how a particular artist motivated their audience and assessed what kinds of metrics, relating to instrumentation and genre, we needed to use to develop the ambiance of their flagship store.

Music as the Energiser.


The flagship juicing stores were designed to offer maximum exposure in busy tourist districts within Amsterdam. High footfall required a music concept which attracted passers by and acted as an 'energiser' for those in the store. We curated a concept which incorporated music from house, disco, techno and alt-pop scenes. All music was mixed as if a DJ was playing live within the stores and each day of the week offered a 'fresh audio experience'. Minimising repetitiveness to improves staff motivation.

Festival Activations.

After our initial musical research, we positioned the brand alongside a few key festivals across Europe. A branded juicing truck represented at the food stall area. Using artists and styles from our initial song selection, we sponsored a few intimate live sessions that were held by the juicing vans themselves. This was remarkably successful but simple. Communicating to a key demographic in a laid-back environment.






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