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The Dreamscape.

Client. citizenM.

Working alongside creative agency Bompas & Parr we developed an immersive sonic experience centred around one theme: The Museum of Sleep. We guided guests through the hotel opening by utilising sound as the narrative : 'A Lucid Dream' aka The Dreamscape.

The Dreamscape.


Hotel openings aren't often classed as a riveting experience - put simply, this was anything but typical. Sound played a crucial role in the overall experience from the minute guests walked through the doors. Used as a medium used to transport people into 'another world'. Incorporating a plethora of ethereal pads, melodies and vocals, The Dreamscape quite literally set the tone for the whole experience. Guiding guests and transforming them as they entered and walked through each floor of the hotel. The music was re-produced in binaural (360) and deconstructed into stems which alternated between each neighbouring speaker.


Powering and supplying coverage to 6 floors of the hotel required a set of specialist engineers. Soundscape Technical installed a discrete Funktion One rig throughout the various floors and a host of powerful processors capable of handling such a high volume of binaural sound data.

A Lucid Dream - by the sleep scientists at Soundscape.
"I'm not sure sound has ever played such a significant role in a hotel opening but we've never opted for the traditional route. Looking back on the event I can't imagine how the experience would have been perceived without Soundscape's work - it truly was a memorable experience. The project has become a benchmark for future hotel openings."
Aniek AjanakuGlobal Head of Events - citizenM




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Client. citizenM.