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Cross-Generational Curation.

Client. Wolford.

Our aim was to develop an in-store music concept that reflected the brand's new look & feel. Complementing new products, store design and a brand refresh we were tasked with integrating music to effectively communicate to a younger audience.

Cross-Generational Curation.


Following a series of brand immersion workshops with key Wolford brand managers (CEO, CMO) we developed a musical concept which focused on communicating two brand values: effortless sophistication and true confidence. The sessions explored how Wolford enables women to feel comfortable in their own skin. Empowerment being the standout word.


The below outlines the elements of the concept:

  • World's first retail music concept which exclusively features female vocalists and producers.
  • Instrumentation and styles that oozed confidence and sophistication. I.e. powerful melodies, live drumming, electronic layering and most importantly - a blend of new and classic covers. It was important we didn’t alienate the older demographic and the concept is decorated with a host of classic tracks reimagined through the eyes of todays artists.
  • The concept was localised to include ‘classic’ edits from each particular market. Meaning that an Italian Wolford store had a personalised sound compared to China etc.
  • Implemented volume standards for boutiques. Setting a warm, inviting tone but not loud enough to drive customers away.

We curated the concept out of 4 key ‘scenes’:

  • Warm Acoustics
  • Neo-Soul
  • Beat Orientated Pop
  • Aspirational R'n'B


After client sign off we managed the installation of our playback system to over 300 stores in 10 markets. The music is updated by our in-house curators on a monthly basis and is still in action today!

"The creation of our music profile is fantastic! 100% Wolford "Power Woman" yet sophisticated. The music is following the exact direction we are heading - back to our core. It has the energy we need at the moment to increase sales. Great work, thank you!"
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