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Women in Music.

Client. Wolford.

Wolford stands as a symbol for female aspiration and empowerment. Working closely with brand representatives we carved out a 2 year strategic framework which integrated artists, the music industry and consumers to enhance their positioning and communicate to a younger audience.

Women in Music.

The Research.

We uncovered something magical happened. “Hidden” in the data we had collected we saw a trend. This time it wasn't in the music, but in the visual, the tangible. TIGHTS! We saw that from Rihanna, to Beyonce, to FKA Twigs, these icons- these symbols of power and female aspiration - were wearing Wolford’s tights to perform in on-stage.. We quickly turned this into a marketing opportunity. We delved deeper into who wore Wolford and came up with our #womeninmusic campaign.

The Result.

Wolford wanted to celebrate women. These were women in all forms - with a heavy focus on music. We leveraged high-quality online video, TV, OOH and a live web experience to showcase women’s stories - both celebrity and the “everyday” woman. Using Wolford’s audio identity to identify how they feel, and what makes them feel empowered. Each asset was designed to be shared, picked up by press and start a conversation. Influencers were leveraged to stoke social conversation.

Taking the brand out of the store. Wolford held events to explore this empowerment of women, inviting inspirational female speakers to perform at events.

The campaign successfully turned Wolford into a symbol of female aspiration and put the brand at the heart of a cultural conversation - an increase totalling nearly 200k Facebook followers.
The consistent use of audio identity across all channels, drove brand awareness and recall.
In-store, there were longer customer dwell time in store, contributing to increased brand affinity and NPS scores - and ultimately increased sales.

"Wolford celebrates women who defy expectations and achieve their dreams. It champions women who are determined to use will to get what they want, defying a world of contradicting opinions and to make each woman feel empowered, even with the tights they wear - why wouldn't we do this with music?"
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