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Invisible Speakers.

Client. Wolford.

In order to preserve the aesthetic of the new store concept, the client opted for an invisible solution. Working with Amina products we installed speakers within boutiques ceiling's and walls. These specialised speakers blended with the existing plasterboard - deeming the system invisible to the naked eye.

Invisible Speakers.

An Elegant Solution.

With an emphasis on aesthetic, fashion boutiques often seek designs that limit distractions other than their clothing. However, a modern day public space such as Wolford’s requires a certain amount of technology to meet the needs and expectations of its clients. Audio is also inherent part of the ambience the client wanted to create. We designed the high quality audio system for each of store to be immersive yet discreet.

We worked closely with contractors to provide support on the fit-out and commission the system. Designed in London, installed globally.

Due to the number of hard surfaces in the spaces, sound absorption is poor. This causes soundwaves to interact in a negative way, which degrades the overall quality any audio source. The VPT technology we used reduce the impact of these interactions, meaning that acoustically harsh environments can double as effective listening spaces.

"We've never ventured into high-end AV equipment for boutiques until Soundscape proposed the invisible solution. Our architects had designed a new store concept which was so sleek and played on mirrors and curvature that it made complete sense to adhere to the same principals with AV. I'm pleased the investment has paid off and we have some of the warmest sounding boutiques for customers"
Andreas JochumSenior Store Architect





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