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We act as brand guardians, influencing emotions and behaviours for one medium - sound. Our end-to-end solution enhances brand identity, experience & value. Artistically unique but driven by commercial value.

Creative Strategy + Intelligence.

Creative Strategy + Intelligence.

We ensure the commercial value is efficiently mapped out to create fans, bridge cultures and strengthen identities.

Sound Design + Composition.

Sound Design + Composition.

We make brands, content and experiences more memorable by composing awesome and distinct sonic productions. No sector is un-scorable!

In-Store Music + Systems.

In-Store Music + Systems.

We create emotionally-connecting spaces that are both on brand and artistically unique.

Music Supervision + Publishing.

Music Supervision + Publishing.

We produce and license exceptional music for the worlds of advertising, broadcast and film. All under the guidance of our award winning music supervisors and producers.

Experience Design + Innovation.

Experience Design + Innovation.

We create live, augmented and virtual experiences using the most recent advances in technology.

Industry Activations + Sponsorships.

Industry Activations + Sponsorships.

We help brands align with music culture and engage their audience. Our industry connections allow us to source and manage exciting partnerships and collaborations.


We are proving the audio identity of a brand is as powerful as its visual identity. We connect consumers & brands by activating sound within spaces.


Commercial Space.

Stores, venues, pop-ups, and a range of other environments. We provide music in commercial spaces, whether they be a retail store, hotel lobby or on-board an airline.

Commercial Space.Commercial Space.

Emotional Space.

Brand storytelling, conversations, narratives, and moments. We align brands with music and culture to create shareable and memorable experiences.

Emotional Space.Emotional Space.

Experiential Space.

Extending the brand beyond the bricks and out into the world. We collaborate with the market leaders in innovation to provide immersive experiences - converting customers into fans.

Experiential Space.Experiential Space.


We use sound and technology to help diverse range of clients businesses thrive. This isn’t just theory, we are proving it with brands and agencies.


Increased Affinity

Incorporating audio into brands visual communications has helped some of our clients increases impact by over 1100%.


Improved Recall

We’ve crafted sonic signatures for global brands which have resulted in a 96% increase in recall on testing.


Driven Revenue

We’ve increased retail sales by a up to 38% by using on brand music in-store with our retail radio service.


We work with both brands and agencies to help shape their audio needs.

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