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Transformative Consumer Experiences.

Client. Airbnb x Pantone.

In 2017 Airbnb launched their new vertical - ‘Trips’. Trips enables guests to enjoy curated stays and experiences, localised to cities. Doing as the locals do. Amplifying their new positioning within the UK market, Airbnb teamed up with Pantone to deliver a fully immersive experience - all celebrating one colour, Greenery 15-0343. Airbnb approached us to design and install an interactive & binaural soundscape to truly transform guest perceptions.

Transformative Consumer Experiences.

The Research & Creation.

We researched the tones and melodies different colours produced on a frequency spectrum. Analysing the celebratory colour, Greenery 15-0343, we looked closely at its sonic make up, its frequencies compared to different colours and how all those frequencies would sound on their own and together. Greenery 15-0343 produced a signal with more energy concentrated in the middle of the sound spectrum; within a limited frequency range around 500 Hz, it simulates the ambient noise of nature.

This process enabled our composers to focus on a specific frequency range throughout the sound design process. - 500 Hz.

Welcome to the jungle

Airbnb x Pantone.




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