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Crafting Identity via Sound.

Client. CitizenM.

Working alongside Kessels Kramer & citizenM brand managers we conducted a series of immersion workshops to uncover the brand DNA and how we could translate this into sonic language that succeeded in enhancing identity, experience and value for the citizenM brand. This led to an integrated sonic signature.

Crafting Identity via Sound.


The workshops were split into 2 sections:

  • Brand Values & Positioning.
  • Audience profile & Consumption habits.

The process was validated by external stakeholders and focus group sessions.

We defined a global creative theme of “Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole”. It is designed to appeal to the attitudes of citizenM’s curious and inquisitive guests. The theme would become the basis for all citizenM audio usage, and the foundation for the sonic identity activated across various touch-points.

The ‘theme’ was then broken down into technical guidelines to compose & curate the citizenM sound. These guidelines reflected the brand personality & differentiators. ‘The Sound Guidelines’ focused on tempo, density, dynamics, instrumentation, scenes, textures etc.


This process formed the creation of an invaluable document for composers, brand managers and company wide use for whenever creating or adopting sound into the marketing mix. Not a set of restrictive rules but a framework for a consistent identity. CitizenM Sound Guidelines are still in circulation to-date and used on a daily basis.

The subsequent use of strategic and consistent sonic messaging has developed an instantly recognisable global brand experience, with increased local relevance and improved brand recall.

“Soundscape’s strategic insight and direction is undeniably a key pillar for our brand, their work is instrumental to create unique experience for our guests."
Robin Chadha.CMO Citizenm hotels.





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