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Evolving the Trademark.

Client. citizenM.

The brand wanted to be instantly recognisable. Our answer? To create a ‘Lovemark’ to pair with the Visual ID and drive brand recall. They wanted the ability to achieve consistency throughout their marketing channels and hotels. In order to achieve this they needed not only visual consistency, i.e. with their logo and unique modern style, but also through their audio. There are many consumer touch-points online and offline that could use a sonic accent and so we enhanced each visual with an audible marker - whether in the rooms or at the checking-in stations, that made the experience memorable and unique.

Evolving the Trademark.

The Sonic Logo.

Taking cues from the sonic identity guidelines we created a 4 note melody which represented the phonetic expression of cit-iz-en-M. The instrumentation and musicality was derived from the Sonic ID guidelines & creatively expressed the brands positioning.

This 4 note passage was consciously designed to mimic the phonetics of citizenM but is backed up by a small ensemble of modern tones and textures. We sampled a Fender Rhodes that sweeps a jazzy minor 7th chord underneath the top line melody as well as some very subtle bass and string tones that guide the sonic logo to it's conclusion

citizenM Sonic Logo

The Brand Score.

CitizenM is communicates and markets across a multitude of channels and campaigns. From online content to radio shows the brand required a cost effective solution for their sync needs. We developed the 4 note melody into a set of brand tracks. Applicable for a variety of content and energy styles. Providing stems, edits & cut downs on a track by track basis, brand managers always have access to an owned & brand specific array of music content.


The sonic trademark delivered strong brand association & recall results open testing. Working with 2 sets of focus groups the independent review showed that 87% of participants scored the new signature as ‘highly’ representative of the perceived citizenM brand. More importantly the groups unanimously agreed the congruent pairing of the sonic logo & visual mark improved impact & effectiveness. After a 30 minute break all participants were asked to repeat the melody back by humming - every single participant did so on the first attempt - a memorable asset indeed.

The trademark is used throughout online, TV, SM & multi brand content, including the hotel rooms themselves.

citizenM Brand Score : Low Energy
citizenM Brand Score : Low Energy
citizenM Brand Score : Medium Energy
citizenM Brand Score : High Energy
citizenM Brand Score : Upbeat Indie





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Client. citizenM.