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Sonic Lovemark.

Client. Wolford.

Our aim was to secure a leadership position in the category by increasing brand recall and affinity. Through an audit of existing audio usage, primary research and client workshops, we identified a unique strategy for how Wolford could use audio to build their brand and created an audio identity - an own-able ‘Wolford Sound’. A stand-out identity that is engaging and ultimately one that can “speak” to the emotions of the customer.

Sonic Lovemark.


Audio increases brand recall by 1100% when utilised alongside a visual element.
We wanted to create an audio identity - an own-able ‘Wolford Sound’. Using previous research on tempo, instrumentation and “style”, we looked at how we could craft these elements into a sonic logo that shifted away from published music, to something that was a little more bespoke.

The Result.

Rhythmically speaking, the emphasis was always a conclusion that would contain two beats to imply the brand title (WOL-FORD). The cascading line flares much like a snare roll before the chords hit home. The aim of this was to imply effortless sophistication.

After attempting a few ideas with more natural acoustic instruments, we eventually decided to use a moog synthesizer emulation. The original instrument was built in 1970 and we believe the emulation captures a little magic from that classic sound and tone whilst still sounding contemporary and new.

If you want to get really technical then we'll let our creative director, James tell you more! "Our proposed brand score is a very short and simple composition, however it's simple charm is a sum of some slightly unusual parts. A descending riff cascades down a D sus4 chord before playing a C major 7th twice through different inversions. First of all, let's examine the effect of the chords. Dsus4 is a classic chord used to promote products. It contains very neutral and complimentary intervals that evoke a neither happy nor sad response, but instead conjures a feeling of wonder or of exploration. Finally, the C major 7th ends the logo on a positive feeling wrapped with a hint of jazz or soul. This of course sits with the brand's audio identity as a modern and forward thinking product that still connects with heritage."

Wolford Sonic Logo





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